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Welcome to a different world here in Golden Bay – situated in the heart of the prestigious Nelson / Marlborough region, surrounded by National Parks and stunning beaches. This is the home of unique, super-fine merino jackets for the discerning woman.

Maurice hand-makes each garment, so no two are the same. Every garment is constructed literally from a ball of yarn; first knitted on the 70 year old knitting machine, then felted, and hand cut out before finally being sewn up – the finishing touch being a delightful NZ paua or manuka brooch to clasp the garment together.

The felting procedure is enhanced with the use of 100% pure water – the purest in the Southern Hemisphere – from the springs of Golden Bay.

These garments display a beautiful classic cut that flatters every figure and come in an array of stunning colours.

The range includes a uniquely woven possum / merino combination, the finished product being a hooded cape.